Cambodia Project: Topping Up

Finally, our building project in Sihanoukville had topping up at 21st floor. This is indeed a magnificent feat to us after 13 months of carrying out the engineering design in concurrent with the construction work at site. We faced uncountable design variations due to ever-changing architectural requirements and construction issues.

Nothing is impossible if we put our thought together in proper planning and effective implementation at all times!

PT Raft Foundation

Our 1st project in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

We design and supervise the post-tensioned (PT) piled raft foundation for one level basement building. Excavation depth reduced due to thinner PT piled raft slab compared to conventional pile cap and raft thickness.

Overall saving in time and cost as well as less complicated temporary earth lateral support system required.

If you are looking for value engineering on foundation system, please do contact us today!

Building Foundation Strengthening

This is our 1st overseas project in Cambodia. We have been appointed by the Owner to provide strengthening design for the 28-storey foundation system supported on bored piles.

The existing bored pile foundation work which had been completed by the design & build contractor unable to achieve the required proposed design pile working load during pile testings. About 50% pile cap were also completed at that time.

Here’s a look at the overall site condition when we first arrived at the site. Our journey begins…

Bridge Protection Work: Final Update

Finally, the bridge protection work for the project last posted on 28 March 2018 had been completed. The final product is as shown in this photo.

It was a real challenge for the Contractor during the construction as the river water rises rapidly during heavy rainfall. The excavator needs to move out from the river before the rain comes.

All done now and the bridge will be well protected for many years to come!

Alternative Bridge Foundation System

We were appointed to carry out alternative foundation system of bridges for one of the packages in DASH project near Sungai Buloh.

The original proposed foundation system is supported on bored pile. A cost-effective and faster construction time of foundation system was proposed after studying the designer’s requirements, bridge loadings and soil condition. The new foundation system consists of prestressed spun pile with pre-boring.

Here’s a look on the bridge construction after completion of the alternative foundation work.

River Bridge Protection Work

We have been appointed by a Design and Build Contractor to provide the design of river protection work at one of the busiest road bridge at KL-Seremban Highway over Sg. Kerayong.

It was found that the soil underneath the bridge abutment wingwall is badly eroded leaving void below it. Therefore, it is the intention of the highway concessionaire to construct a new wall for protection of the abutment wingwall as well as bridge pier.

Due to low headroom and site constraint, a row of contiguous micropile wall will be designed and constructed to support the new RC wall.