Solstruct Engineers Sdn Bhd is an engineering consultancy firm providing geotechnical and structural engineering services. Our strength lies on our key personnel whom have the experience and capability in the following areas:

–   Geotechnical works

–   Post-tension technology in structural works

–   Foundation for buildings and bridges

–   Underground excavation and temporary support system

We believe in not only using knowledge but our imagination to understand and apply our engineering sense in our projects. Our aim is to provide practical and safe designs while fulfilling the needs of our Client.


Beware on what underneath the ground!

We never know what is underneath us, there are always uncertainties exist below ground. These uncertainties may be significant to the design of foundation and underground structure. In this shallow foundation project, we had gone through an interesting experience about the contrary of expected and actual condition beneath our site. The challenging part about this …

Strip Foundation System with PT Transfer Beams

We designed alternative foundation system for a building over the existing SMART tunnel in KVMRT Line 2 project. The original design was bored pile with pile cap. The site is underlying by limestone rock which was disturbed during construction of SMART tunnel. An cost-effective design using strip footing was proposed as an alternative to minimise …


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