Completed Building Above Existing SMART Tunnel

The photo shows the completed at-grade building structure of the Intervention Shaft 2 (IVS2) located in Kampung Pandan Roundabout, Kuala Lumpur. The building is part of the KVMRT Line 2 project, resting on top of an existing SMART tunnel. We were appointed to perform a cost-effective alternative design for the foundation structure, to counter the original design of 20 metres long bored pile. As the site is underlained by shallow limestone layer at approximately 6 mbgl and an existing tunnel structure, construction of bored piles will be risky and require highly skilled contractor.

We had proposed a shallow strip foundation as the supporting part of the IVS2 structure resting on top of mass concrete above the bedrock layer adjacent to the SMART tunnel. Our design included the geotechnical and structural design for the strip footing and prestressed transfer beam to transfer all the building loads onto the strip footing. On top of that, a detailed impact assessment was carried out to check the structural behaviour and displacement of existing SMART tunnel caused by the foundation loadings. Our alternative design had benefited the Client in cost, time and ease of construction.

*Photo source: MMC GAMUDA KVMRT (T) SDN BHD LinkedIn Page.